Getting your certificate of origin digitised!

Getting your certificate of origin digitised!

Are you still handling paper based Certicate of Origins?

Do you or your representatives go the the local chamber’s office to get the Certificate of Orign attested?

Do you think this approach is good in this digital world?

How does it sound if your chamber of commerce or any other certificate of origin issung agency provides you the feature of getting the entire process digitised!

To the changing and uncertain world, do you think dealing with the paperbased documents like as Certificate of Orign is a good idea in this digital world? Definately not!

Making a manual data entry and handling these errors is a time consuming and a costly affair and more ever what if the filled up form gets rejected or there are any ammendments that needs to be done on the already printed document.

How do you feel if there existed a solution which will make your life more easy and get efficiency into your business. And what if I also say you that there is no more a need to go to your local chamber office or ask your agent to to do this. Ta-na introducing the online electronic certificate of origin services for you are export needs, your certificate of origin is just a click away.

Now let the Chamber come to you rather you going to your local chamber of commerce to get you certificate of Origin endorsed.

Mmm… so you might be thinking is the eCO or electronic certificate of origin valid?

Talking about the Indian context, the Ministry of Commerce’s DGFT has come up with a portal mandatory to be used for the issuance of the preferential certificate of origin and the digital version of the certificate of origin is legally accepted if it is digitally signed. Almost all the developed Nations and also the developing countries have the law pertaining to the digital signatures on the electronic signatures including India USA China Japan to name a few. If you are importing party is getting the electronic version of certificate of origin into his geography this document is legally valid. So be it a preferential certificate of origin for a non preferential certificate of origin, the electronic version of the certificate of origin one of the important document at the time of Exports is widely accepted helping you or your agent in reducing the total turnaround time and saving cost.

We at automaxis are doing something great which will help the Exporters to get the Certificate of Origin digitised.


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