About us



We are building the micro-automation platform powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology. We help in the speed flow of commercial data and eradicate the duplication of documentation and manual processes. It is the most connected and secured infrastructure for banks, traders, logistics, insurers and value-added service providers.

It is the time for industry to get associated with the market solutions that are digitised and secured. All the paper processes need to be upgraded or replaced with digitized operations. We at automaxis, unlike the traditional financing process, our platform speedup the process without any data redundancy. It removes all the paper-prone processes, making it cost effective and easy to use.





Block-chain technology and finance allows us the opportunity to transform the traditional trade finance practice. Blockchain technologies is the best fit to enhance the trade finance process making it secure and trustworthy. Blockchain is a decentralized, digitalised and distributed ledger model. It is probably best known as the underlying technology that maintains the transaction ledger for cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is more secure and robust compared to the proprietary, centralized models, currently in use.

Some 80% to 90% of world trade relies on trade finance. And our trade finance systems are not that effective and too costly. Apart from these there are else challenges involved they are:

  • Manual processes involved in each step.
  • Depend on third-party intermediaries.
  • Security and protecting the transactions involved huge costs.
  • Delays and errors are common that cost both money and time
  • Have no single source of truth for reconciliation if there is a discrepancy.


Your business deserves to get the best solution available in the market that allows you to focus on your main business and forget about the rest as we are here to take care by providing automation.