Impact of GST on businesses with customers across states

Business with customers across states: Business is all about  making profits and more profits at unprecedented way. However,  expanding your business  operations  to spread to the neighbouring states first and the country is a motive every businessmen have.  A curator will always be clear with the current regime of taxation in this case, for uninterrupted…
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Goods and services tax – IGST CGST and SGST

Goods and services tax IGST, SGST, CGST: Tax structure in India in present regime has different scenarios when its coming to different states or central tax structure. With the roll out of Goods and Services Tax, taxes will be under one stream in present scenario Taxes collected by the Centre are Central Excise duty, Additional…
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Import and Export with GST (Goods and Services tax)

Import and Export with GST: When goods and services obtained from an external source across the national border is termed as Import. and when goods and services provided by us to an external source is called as Export. In the current scenario there are different terms and conditions with the tax structure for Import and…
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GST laws for Union Territories- UTGST

UTGST – Union territories in India have their origin as an administrative division. unlike states, Union territories have their different legislative assemblies and are often ruled by central government thus the name Union Territories.  There are seven Union territories as of now and they are: Andaman and Nicobar Islands Chandigarh Daman and Diu Lakshadweep Pondicherry Dadra and…
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Goods and Service Tax and your business.

Goods and service tax : Having got a green signal from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha is ready to launch itself very soon in coming months. It is a tax structure that is impacting several different aspects and parts of businesses. With all the problems facing with the different taxes in India, India has come up…
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