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Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ):

Any organisation has a system of applications. These applications are often integrated and they has to be managed by a software or by a person in itself. But for a personnel to do all this becomes lengthy and tedious at times. For these ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) is introduced. This software allows organisation to integrate and also to manage all these tasks in an efficient manner. Not only this, ERP allows all the functions of an organisation handling back office relate to different streams such as  Human resources, Technology, etc. An organisation is known as successful if all its activities such as planning, development, sales, marketing, operational, manufacturing, every part is synced and working properly. Even this headache of he organisation is carried out by the ERP in a single database, application and also on the top is user interface. An organisation with an effective ERP system is the one which can offer its clients an awesome services without any customer dis-satisfaction.But how do the organisations carry out ERP in an effective manner? ERP is a total enterprise application it doesn’t get bounded to only one stream of the organisation. ERP handles so many tasks, therefore it was applied to many large enterprises initially. Wherein large businesses often have larger employee structure. Hence the dedicated teams for handling all the data and later analyse them can be done. Not only this but also the teams upgrades  and updates itself with all the changing trends of the organisation, These teams can also help in deployment.


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Enterprise Resource Planning software in itself doesn’t carry in with a single entity. It is a total enterprise software and carry out the modules those are purchased based upon the requirements, needs of the organisation. As the organisations get all the needed functionalities in one single software, there are many who actually opt for and manages to work with the software in an amazing growth.  In the organisation, each Enterprise Resource Planning module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing. Product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR are some of the mostly used and encouraged ERP modules. But for a growing organisation to become successful it is not mandate to shift to only one of the ERP solution. It does a combination of more than one enterprise activity that can do many related activities such as, Distribution process management, supply chain management, services knowledge base, configure, prices, improve accuracy of financial data, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, accounting and financial applications, lower purchasing costs, manage human resources and payroll. It is noticed that the ERP has become more popular than it was earlier. This is because of the increasing demand of the automation of works that are tedious for an employee to do. There are many software applications and software that are coming up and emerging with the increasing need of support to the business managers to implement ERP for them and also to other business activities. There are applications of ERP which includes CRM and also Business intelligence into it to make the tasks as a single unified package.But the basic goal of using an enterprise resource planning system is to provide one central repository for all information that is shared by all the various ERP facets to improve the flow of data across the organization.

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