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Artificial Intelligence

Chat-bots functions using machine learning, that is, they have an artificial brain with artificial intelligence, it understands human language and also commands. As it interacts with people it becomes smarter and learns continuously.


Provide information

Chat-bots are made to provide information and complete specific tasks for the humans after they interact with them.  There are many leading faces of technology that are using Chat-bot to provide information to their customers, among them comes Facebook and Microsoft. Facebook has crossed over 30,000 bots past six months.




Today if you want to buy something, the first thing that you will do is to go to a particular website for information but after chat-bots you would just be able to send them message that you are looking for and the bot will respond just like a human responses.


New Technological Advancements

Chat-bots are a new way that came into existence by human intervention for better services in all the streams. Chat-bots are computer programs that you can chat with. There are many examples such as messaging apps few other apps within smart phones etc.