About us



GST is going to create a difference in terms of filings of the returns as there wont be any offline mode to do the filings, every businesses will have to come online to do the filings. Doing such task in an manual environment would be a challenging to the tax payers, automating the taxation is the only solution that rescues the businessmen from it.

The world is getting digital day by day, there is a shift happening from every possible manual process to a machine or a digital enabled environment for efficiency and accuracy at any organisation. We at automaxis understand this emerging need and hence we are developing an enterprise automation platform for B2B and B2C focused SMEs and Startups to eradicate all the manual processes of manual tax filing, invoice processing at different levels and payments with a secret sauce of business intelligence and machine learning.

Vision: To automate different business processes with ease

Mission: To make enterprises connected & share data amongst them

Making the platform GST ready:

Any business has to upload the inward invoices (purchases) and outward invoices (sales) to the GSTN server, we are been licensed to do the tax compliances and we are initiating it on our platform.

We are also developing a standalone platform for tax practitioners and CAs to carry out this return filings.

You business deserves to get the best solution available in the market that allows you to focus on your main business and forget about the rest as we are here to take care by providing automation.